queens en corsica fabric on furniture

Working from home amid COVID-19? We're sending our fabrics your way!

Have you been working from home these past few months? Considering the current worldwide situation, chances are big that you have. Inside our industry, working away from the office can be challenging. A lack of resources in combination with that collection deadline that’s slowly approaching can start to make you feel a little anxious. But there’s good news: we’re bringing all the resources for your new fabric collection right to your doorstep. 

Upholstery and fabric distributor Symphony Mills, part of Global Textile Alliance Inc., decided to respond to its customers’ calls. Earlier than planned, the company recently launched its new website and online catalogue to make the selection process easier. Customers can now browse the entire collection and order sample hangers, which Symphony Mills then easily delivers to your doorstep. Through its network of worldwide hubs, the company can limit the delivery time to just a few days, wherever you are in the world.

During quarantine, Symphony Mills still managed to launch some new qualities. Below, you can find a sneak peek on every collection. Click through to browse different colors and pictures.

Did you see anything you liked? Or maybe you’re looking for something totally different? Symphony Mills has a fabric for every taste. Head to www.symphonymills.com and order your samples for an at-home fabric selection.