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Why producing locally is good for the environment

You can’t get round the fact: sustainability has taken up a huge chunk of modern society. Second-hand stores are becoming more popular by the day and durable projects help us limit our plastic use. There’s a big chance you jumped aboard as well, however small your impact. At Global Textile Alliance, one of our sustainability cards is local production. And – contradictory but true – we do it globally!

The concept of producing locally may sound straightforward but it has several ingredients. Not only does local production mean that you make something in one place, it also implies that you use local resources and choose a local market to sell. At Global Textile Alliance, we value each of these components and make them part of our sustainability program.

Vertical integration and no outsourcing

All Global Textile Alliance mattress and bed fabrics are produced in-house in our vertically integrated production facility in Reidsville, North Carolina. Vertical integration means we create our fabrics from start to finish on the same premises: from designing to knitting, from yarn extruding to finishing. By not outsourcing, we’re able to quickly shift gears at any stage. Every step of the way is in our hands, making it possible to create a personalized and easily adaptable program for you.

Next to a positive impact on our carbon footprint, one shared location also means one energy plan, one water plan and one heating plan. Moreover, our skilled colleagues are physically close to each other, making it easier than ever to learn from each other. And that, of course, results in fabrics of the most splendid quality. 

Taking local production globally

As part of our local production policy, our resources are all purchased within the United States, and our markets are limited to the United States and Canada. But how exactly does that benefit a company looking to reach customers in the entire world? 

Here’s where Love Home Fabrics steps in. This global group of interior textile manufacturers, us being one of them, gives people the opportunity to select fabrics for beds, mattresses, upholstery, etc. in one go. With hubs in five countries, we’re able to spread our designs worldwide, while keeping our production local. 

Belgian sister company Ter Molst is a perfect example. The company’s American hub, a division of Global Textile Alliance, is located inside our buildings. Just like the Belgian headquarters and Indian hub do for their markets, the American hub produces its fabric collection in the United States for the local market using local resources. Less environmental impact, more personal impact, as we like to call it.

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