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2020 trends: Bold elements & natural colors take the stage

2020 might not be the best year yet, but it sure is one of changes. For our bedroom, standing out is more relevant than ever. At Global Textile Alliance, we take on this challenge by mixing bold designs, cultural references, and natural colors. 

The mattress industry is saturated with whites, grays, and blues. Carrying over our trend notes from last season, we still see natural color stories that introduce beige, taupe and other earth tones. 

Incorporating these natural colors in your range has two important advantages:

  • They help your collection stand out from widely accepted blues and grays
  • They can tie in a sustainability story when combined with recycled or organic yarns

Together with 2020’s most acclaimed design elements, your mattress fabrics are bound to grab the attention they deserve. 

2020 Designs: past meets present

Designs these years are all about modern revivals, bold elements, and cultural references. At the beginning of this century’s roaring twenties, we melancholically look at our past and match it with today’s themes and essentials. 

At Global Textile Alliance, that resulted in three new fabric collections. Our plans to launch them at ISPA back in March were abruptly cancelled when Covid-19 came along, but we’re still proud to officially present them to you this way. 

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